Technical Specifications



Parameters measurable:

Phytoplankton concentration

Photosynthetic efficiency

Underwater irradiance (PAR)


Submergence depth


0.03 - 50 mg Chl m-3 (0.02 10%)

0 - 1.0 rel. un. (0.05)

0.03-1000 mE m-2 s-1 (0.02 10%)

0 - +30 oC (0.1 oC)

0 - 200 m (0.5 m 10%)



Probe flash (energy/duration)

Saturating actinic flash (energy/duration)

Delay time between saturating and probe flashes

Spectral range of the saturating and probe flashes

Spectral range of fluorescence registration



0.01 J / 0.01 ms

0.01 - 1 J / 0.01 ms

0.05 - 1.0 ms

400 - 550 nm

> 680 nm


Physical Characteristics:

Submersible unit (dimension/weight)

Power supply unit (dimensions/weight)

Carrying box (dimensions)

Cable-rope (length/weight)

Cable-rope (length/weight)



sphere 250 mm / 9 kg

300 x 300 x 50 mm / 1 kg

300 x 300 x 450 mm

200 m / 40 kg

50 m / 12 kg



Power supply

Power consumption



220 V or 12 V

25 W




System Description


The complete set of PrimProd fluorometer consists of the following mainframes: submersible probe, 12 DC on-board block power supply, IBM-compatible computer, connecting cables and cable-rope.

For storage of device the special wooden box is used. Inside of box the board block and the probe are fixed.


1.     Submersible probe. The design of the submersible probe is adduced on Fig. 1. Probe consists of the internal cylindrical part (1), on which the optical outline of device, and spherical hermetic body (2), possessing plug on equator and tighten by two fly-wheels (3). Such design provides the tightness, permitting at the same time easily to open the device. In bottom half-sphere measuring cell of fluorometer is placed (4). It closed from below by plug with light lock (5) and has inside four pulsing sources of light (6) with focusing systems in center and gauges of temperature (7) and depth (pressure) (8). In top half-sphere photoelectronic multiplier (9) for registration of fluorescence signal, board of gauges (10), supply units PEM and electronics (11), and also the interface of management and transmissions of data (12) are placed. A hermoslot (13) connecting cable with gauge of underwater radiation is located in top of device.

Fig. 1. The design of the submersible probe.


2. On-board power block provides the necessary voltage (42 V) supply at the submersible probe. The connection of on-board block is executed to current source of alternating voltage ~220 V, or to accumulator ( + 12 V ).

3. The IBM-compatible computer can be used for management of device.

Fig. 2. The complete set of PrimProd fluorometer.